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Connecteam’s training & onboarding app is the perfect solution for your non-desk employees

  • On-the-go training
  • Designed for mobile-first
  • Effortless to create
  • No storage limit
employee training app
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A new standard of online employee training solution

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Effortless Training Courses Creation

Easy, flexible, and highly customizable

Forget about complex and expensive courses for online employee training. With Connecteam, you can deliver training materials by utilizing existing documents, PDF files, media, and even web-services like YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive or your company website. Add our quiz to ensure understanding of content and your online employee training is good to go!
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Boost productivity and prepare your employees for on-the-job success

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Mobile-first Training

Designed and built especially for companies like yours

Online employee training for deskless teams should be easy to understand and quick to interact with. With our user-friendly mobile app, training can be divided to sections or chapters, and course completion is always visual so employees can track their training progress. With continuous training capabilities, users can pick up courses from where they left off last time, for a true on-the-go experience.

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Digital Employee Onboarding

Everything you need for a modern employee onboarding experience

  • Anonymous feedback
  • Training registration
  • Actionable insights
  • Custom reports
  • Live group discussions
  • Evaluation surveys

Reduce costs and save time with our online training software

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Mobile Knowledge Center

Keep your employees professional, wherever they are

Use adaptable libraries to create a hub of knowledge for your deskless team, which is fully searchable and always accessible. Employee handbook, company policies, catalogs and menus, sales tips or anything else your employees need to master. All the needed data is accessible in a click, and always up to date with the Library feature.

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What Our Customers Say

The software is very user-friendly, training and onboarding our new employees became very versatile since we moved it to the Connecteam app!

Hayat A.


We use Connecteam for safety training and it is AMAZING! Save a lot of time, and reduces the number of mistakes later down the road

Shanna M.

Director of business administration

Agile, flexible, personalized support from a skilled team, and an all-encompassing employee management system! We use it to communicate with our teams, do online training, write incident reports, and much more. It's incredible that you can do it all in one app!

Pia H.

Education manager

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