Your UPS Store’s employee management package

Join dozens of TUPSS owners who have partnered with Connecteam for streamlined employee management, improved communication, and increased productivity with one app.

Trusted by dozens of UPS stores

Connecteam allows my organization to be more effective and efficient, and more profitable.

Josh Morris The UPS Store Franchise owner

Simplify employee time tracking

  • Free up your register with associates clocking in and out from their mobile phones

  • Accurately track employee work hours, breaks, and overtime

  • No more waiting 24 hrs for your timesheets, have live, updated timesheets ready for payroll

  • Monitor your team’s productivity and ensure compliance with labor laws

Deliver optimal, accessible schedules

  • Quickly create, manage, and share schedules based on your team’s availability
  • Give associates mobile access to up-to-date schedules and automate shift reminders
  • Reduce hassle by letting staff claim open shifts, find replacements, and request time off
  • Have a clear calendar view of store schedules and when everyone’s working

24/7 support and a dedicated customer
success manager with industry expertise

Manage any task effectively

  • Create digital checklists and forms for associates to complete during their shift
  • Assign store opening and closing checklists to ensure no step is missed
  • Have staff upload images as part of your checklist to ensure a job well done
  • Gather real-time insights and centralize submitted forms in a secure location

Instantly reach every employee

  • Ditch calls, texts, and notes and reach your team instantly via chat and store feed
  • Ensure everyone sees your important update, whether in one or multiple locations
  • Share files with all relevant associates and make information directly accessible
  • Make your entire team feel appreciated and recognized

And the best part?

It’s entirely free for any TUPSS with up to 10 employees!