Introducing Switch Jobs & Breaks

Move between jobs and take breaks efficiently and accurately

*Available on all plans

Reporting multiple jobs & breaks just got easier

If your employees work multiple jobs a day or take several breaks, this is the capability for you. With Switch Jobs, your employees can simply clock in to their next job or break without clocking out in between. All they need to do is clock out once at the end of their shift, and all of their information will be automatically added to their timesheets.

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More accurate than ever before

To make things clearer for your employees, they can check which jobs & breaks they clocked in to in their day log. We’ve even added the ability to edit each shift to ensure your employees’ reporting is accurate throughout their day.

Save time with work hour reviews

To go one step further, we’ve added a summary screen that encourages your employees to review and give final confirmation of their hours. As a result, you, the admin, won’t have to chase employees to ensure their hours are correct.