Make decisions based on organizational surveys and live polls

Capture your employees’ thoughts and mood directly from the field, ensure every employee's voice is heard & make informed decisions backed by real-time data.

  • Anonymous surveys
  • Live digital polls
  • Valuable staff insights
  • Mobile-first experience to reach every employee.

Trusted By Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Foster positive work culture and make your employees feel included

best survey app

Collect Employees' Thoughts and Feedback

Create and publish employee surveys in minutes!

It’s easier than ever to gather your team’s feedback and evaluate training needs, performance drivers, and overall employee sentiment. 

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Get Fast Results You Can Act On

No more waiting to make changes

Get results and valuable insights in real-time, directly from the field, to help you make informed decisions and act on issues immediately. 

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Best survey app for mobile employees

Spark Ongoing Team Participation

Connecteam’s intuitive, mobile-first experience makes it easy for every employee to take part. While push notifications and auto-reminders will save you time and help ensure high completion rates. 

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Make surveys an integral part of your communication strategy

Launch employee communication initiatives and get feedback - all in one place. Finally, know which types of communication resonate with your employees and what needs improvement.

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What Other Features Can You Utilize to Manage Your Employees Better?



Reach every single employee with dedicated & measurable communication

Workforce Insights

Get real-time workforce insights


Digitize Business

Go paperless with our online checklists & forms

Employee Time Clock

Time Clock

Easily track employee work hours with our time clock

Employee Scheduling


Schedule and dispatch shifts faster than ever

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Your All-in-One Employee Engagement App!

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Connecteam allows us to reach 100% of our workforce, no matter where they are!

Gerard K.

Great engagement features, probably the best organizational app for a great price! Highly recommended.





Natalia N.
Employee success manager

It’s so easy to engage our team since we started using Connecteam’s employee engagement app!

Erens N.
Staff manager

Improve employee communication like never before!

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Available in 11 different languages

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Over 92% adoption rate among employees!

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