Everything Your Small Business Needs to Succeed.

Connecteam’s new ‘Small Business Plan’ gives you everything you need to manage your entire business via ONE app — and it’s FREE for companies with up to 10 employees.

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“This app has changed the way I run my business. Best thing I ever did”

The “Small Business Plan” includes full access to all of Connecteam’s products and features with all the capabilities small businesses need to better communicate, operate, train, and manage their employees.

Time Tracking



Forms &




& Rewards

& Onboarding


Precise, Edge-to-Edge 
Time Management

Rest assured that your employees are where they should be, on time.

  • Easily schedule your employees to jobs, create recurring shifts, and ensure everyone understands what to do, when, and where
  • Make it super simple for your employees to track their work hours, see who’s working on what, and know that they are at the correct job location
  • Save more time than you can imagine on your payroll process and ensure timesheets are 100% accurate
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Tasks, Forms & Checklists for Real-time Reporting

Digitize any process, be 100% paper-free, and get information from field to office in real-time.

  • Create any custom checklist, form, or report, and make it easy for
your team to complete it from anywhere, whenever they need it
  • Get live information from the field, including images, files, 
location stamps, e-signatures, and so much more
  • Delegate tasks in seconds, set due dates, and know exactly what has been completed or what is still open
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Communication Tools to Stay Informed & Engaged

One place for all work-related communications, so nothing falls between the cracks and everyone’s on the same page

  • A robust, yet super intuitive chat for private and team conversations that creates a healthy life-work separation
  • Share updates to your company’s feed, know who viewed them, and make employees feel engaged and connected
  • Make policies, customers info, training materials, files, or anything else accessible from anywhere, effortlessly
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Providing support to small businesses to achieve their big dreams

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An unprecedented solution for a small business

Manage your 
entire business with one app

Designed to be simple to use with next to no training

Includes 24/7 support & full product knowledge base

Not a tuned-down version, this is the real deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes! The Small Business Plan is completely FREE for small businesses with up to 10 employees!
As long as you have up to 10 users in your Connecteam account (active & archived), you don’t need to pay for Connecteam, and you can enjoy ALL current and future products and features that benefit a small business.

Is it a tuned-down version of Connecteam? Where is the catch?
What’s included in the Small Business Plan?
Why are you doing this?
What if I am not tech-savvy?
Do I need to train my employees to use the app?
What happens as my business grows?