More Overtime Options

To serve our amazing clients across the globe, we have now added a ton of overtime options so that you will not have to do those calculations manually, rather we do the work for you!

Weekly overtime

New and Improved Layout

As we’ve added more overtime options to choose from, it was important for us to improve and simplify the overtime interface. Now, all you need to do is toggle on the overtime option you wish to utilize.

Choose your multiplier

Previously you only had the option to select regular overtime and double time. With our new overtime, you can choose what multiplier you wish to have, giving you much greater flexibility. The multipliers will of course be reflected in your dashboard and timesheet exports.

Holiday overtime

For those of you that pay extra during the holidays, you can now enter those in the overtime tab within the Time Clock settings. What’s even better is that you can have those holidays repeat yearly so that you don’t have to enter those, year after year.

Partial day overtime

We’ve also added a partial day over time which gives you as a manager the ability to set overtime for specific hours on specific days. For instance, in the example below, employees are getting paid extra Monday – Friday from 8pm to midnight.

Consecutive days overtime

If you’re from California, then this one is for you. To comply with California regulations, we’ve added a Consecutive Day Overtime so that your employees can get paid double time on their 7th day of work, after reaching 8 hours on that day.

Pay period overtime

Last but not least, you can now define the number of hours your employees would have to surpass within your payroll period to enter overtime.