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Centralize employee-volunteer communication in one app

  • Share important updates your team can’t miss with reminders and pinned posts
  • Connect staff with a live chat where they can better coordinate, brainstorm, and support one another
  • Let your team quickly find and contact internal and external work contacts while ensuring privacy
  • Plan team events for any occasion – from holiday gatherings to new initiative launches

Training & Compliance

Digitize resources, training, and documentation

  • Streamline compliance documentation by easily upkeeping required employee documentation and certifications, including background checks
  • Create an accessible resource center of organisational information, such as its mission, policies, and FAQs
  • Keep everyone aligned with mobile training new staff and volunteers can complete on the go
  • Create onboarding and specific professional courses for employees, volunteers and managers

scheduling & time tracking

Simplify job scheduling and time tracking 

  • Create optimal rosters based on your team’s availability
  • Allow staff to access their schedules and task information right from their mobile phones
  • Record precise employee work hours with an in-app time clock or digital timesheets (including leave tracking)
  • Manage accurate timesheets for your paid employees, ready for payroll

Referral scheme

Grow your organisation with a referral scheme

  • Implement a referral scheme to attract new high-quality members
  • Encourage your current employees and volunteers to refer their friends and family

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