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Introducing the HR & Skills Hub

Connecteam is taking a huge leap forward with the introduction of an all-new line of HR products.

With this new set of tools, you’ll be able to better onboard new employees, show recognition and appreciation to keep the team motivated, create a stronger connection of employees to the company, and engage your employees in completely new ways.

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Recognitions are a great way to develop your employees and managers, show appreciation, celebrate wins, praise achievements, promote company values, and boost employee engagement.

With recognitions, you can select from a rich library of badges, create your own badge collection, and even add a personal message to make the whole experience personal and unique.

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Use Rewards to show recognition and appreciation to your employees in the form of tokens, your company’s personal digital coin, which can be used to purchase gift cards from leading services right through the app!

Celebrate birthdays, motivate team members, send a holiday gift, and bring employee welfare & benefits to your company easily within minutes!

** Available only in the US. Will roll out to more countries soon

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Manage all employee documents in a clear and simple view! Whether it’s an I-9, W4, a state tax withholding, or a state ID, you can have them all organized, with or without a manager approval process, in one place.

Create custom packs for different types of employees, add the documents you need, and you’re good to go!

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Document your employees’ milestones, salary changes, one-on- ones, or anything else you need! With Timeline, managers can easily document employees’ progress easily and securely, ensuring no information gets lost.
Access an employee profile page on your admin dashboard and start adding events!

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New products. 
New pricing structure

With this new line of products, and to better reflect the new value our customers receive from Connecteam, we’ve changed our pricing structure which is now consisted of 3 Hubs – Operations, Communications, and the all new HR & Skills Hub. Each Hub has its own pricing options so companies can create the most customizable experience to their needs.

Don’t worry, though! Nothing has changed for you, and you’re locked to our old pricing for life! In other words, all the features that you have already subscribed for will remain on your plan exactly as were prior to this update. In addition, the new HR & Skills Hub capabilities are all activated on your account on the free plan, meaning you can try them out today if you wish!