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The Best Software to Simplify Payroll Processing

Best App to Simplify Payrolls Processes

Still spending hours on payroll?
Track employee' hours, manage payroll with accurate timesheets & export, or integrate them into your payment software.

  • Accurate time clock with real-time GPS visibility.
  • Automated and error-free timesheets.
  • Fully customizable to your business needs.
  • Easily export data to any payment software.
Best App to Simplify Payrolls Processes
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No More Messy Paperwork, Time-Consuming Timesheets & Costly Payroll Errors.

time tracking app

Simple and Accurate Employee Time Tracking

Easily track employee work hours from anywhere with a simple mobile time clock.

  • Simple & super intuitive time clock for accurate & automated time tracking.
  • Clock in/out with one click from any employee mobile, desktop, or kiosk app.
  • Includes GPS location & geofencing to ensure employees are within their approved work zones.
  • 100% customizable for any of your specific business needs.
employee timesheets app

Timesheets Made Easy

Save time and effort on payroll calculations

  • Eliminate payroll errors, time theft & overtime expenses.
  • Avoid early clock-ins & forgotten clock-outs with notifications.
  • Automatically calculate breaks, absences, overtime & PTO.
  • Easily spot any payroll errors or discrepancies.
  • Customize templates & automate reports.
  • Control who has permission to view or edit time entries.

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timesheets app

Export Timesheets & Payrolls In A Click

Seamlessly export timesheet data into any payroll software.

  • Ensure smooth, 100% accurate payroll.
  • Create & securely share any needed report.
  • Quickly create timesheets for any payroll period.
  • Fully customizable for any payroll software of your choosing.
  • Easily export timesheets to Quickbooks Online & Gusto.
A Timesheet Communication Toolbox

A Timesheet Communication Toolbox

Keep your employees on the same page and improve payroll transparency.

  • Review timesheets and highlight any errors or discrepancies.
  • Live chat with employees to ask for any clarifications.
  • Keep employees up to date with any timesheet changes.
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