Connecteam™ | All-In-One App for Field Teams

Time-Clock App with Geofencing Capabilities

Connecteam’s robust geo time clock makes tracking employees’ real working time and location a breeze!

  • Easily create unlimited customized areas, which employees can only clock in and out from
  • Maintain real-time visibility over field attendance
  • Eliminate time theft, buddy punching and absences - ensure timesheets are ready for payroll
  • Manage all geofencing matters while on the go

Trusted By 20,000+ Businesses To Track Work Hours

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This is How Connecteams' GPS Tracking Works:

  1. Your employees install Connecteams' app

  2. They clock into a shift through the app

  3. GPS is activated and location is monitored

  4. Complete visual on employees' routes is available

  5. Employees clock out and GPS is disabled

Keep Your Employees In The Correct Work Zone

Ensure employees are exactly where and when they should be while clocked in

  • Connecteam allows you to quickly create unlimited custom fenced areas for different shifts, jobs and locations to clock in and out from
  • Employees can only clock in and out exactly from where you assigned them
  • Preset clocking in and out perimeters or approve requests in real-time
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Eliminate Absences, Time Theft & Buddy Punching

Ensure that employees are meeting all expectations and requirements for 100% accurate payroll

  • Avoid early clock-ins and forgotten clock-outs
  • Make sure employees clock in from the right location with geofencing
  • Alerts when employees reach overtime
  • Easily spot and correct potentially costly payroll errors
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Manage Everything on the Go

A geo time clock that works behind the scenes so you don’t have to

  • Easily view all fenced sites
  • Customize job sites
  • View employees' location on the map
  • Approve/decline clock out from non-fenced areas
  • Approve/decline clock out from non-fenced areas
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time clock app and dashboard

What you see

See and manage all of your employee activities in one place. Switch seamlessly between your phone and computer.

clock in and out app

What your employees see

Connecteam was created for deskless employees and their managers. Employees can clock-in and out with one click from anywhere.

What Other Features Can You Utilize to Manage Your Employees Better?

Employee Time Clock

Time Clock

Easily track employee work hours with our time clock



Reach every single employee with dedicated & measurable communication


Digitize Business

Go paperless with our online checklists & forms

Employee Scheduling


Schedule and dispatch shifts faster than ever

Workforce Insights

Get real-time workforce insights

Track employee time with ease. Get started for free

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    " Its a perfect solution for our small business to track times more accurately which has saved us money because people are no longer "guessing" what time they clocked in and out "

    Katy A. // General Manager // 51-200 Employees

    " It's incredible what you can do all in one app. We use it to communicate with our teams, online training, write incident reports, time & attendance, scheduling and much more. "

    Nicole B. // Administrator // 51-200 Employees

    " It has a wide variety of features that have allowed us to move our payroll and HR to a virtual platform. Clocking in and out and tracking employee hours and location is a great feature. "

    Brian H. // CFO // 11-50 Employees

    " We really like Connecteam. The platform is absolutely packed with features and you can get really granular with customization. It's kind of the Swiss Army knife of employee management platforms. Customer support is great too. "

    Austin H // Manager // 11-50 Employees

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