Connecteam™ | Fleet Management Platform

Best Fleet GPS Tracking App

Timeclock app that can show you location of employees
  • 1 Drivers clock into a shift through a mobile time clock app
  • 2 Only then the mobile GPS tracking system is enabled
  • 3 You get the complete driving routes, live or past
  • 3 If necessary, views of your fleets can be shared to 3rd parties
Timeclock app that can show you location of employees

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How Connecteams' GPS Tracking Works

  1. Your employees install Connecteams' app

  2. They clock into a shift through the app

  3. GPS is activated and location is monitored

  4. Complete visual on employees' routes is available

  5. Employees clock out and GPS is disabled

Easily see on a map your entire team or a specific employee

Get the Complete Map View of Your Drivers Driving Routes

  • Easily monitor speed, distance and location
  • Replay routes for specific dates
  • Send automatic tracking reports to clients
  • Export routes video animations reports

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Fleet Route Tracking Software

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Verify your employees are on-site and safe

Easily Communicate With Your Remote Fleet Drivers

  • Easily respond to changes and unexpected events
  • Reduce costs by eliminating barriers to communication
  • Use measurable communication with actionable insights
  • All communication channels are 100% secured
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Here's everything you need to know about GPS tracking with Connecteam:

When does Connecteam share locations with employers?

Employers will not have access to their employees location unless employees are on the clock. Location data is stored on employees’ phones and is only sent to Connecteam when they clock in. If they’re clocked out, Connecteam may use their location to know when they’ve entered a job site with a geofence, but that data is stored only on their device.

How often does the GPS track my location?
How accurate is GPS tracking?
How much data does the Connecteam app use?

What Our Customers Say

The solution we needed! With a mobile workforce, we needed a system to reach everyone with ease. Connecteam delivered that and more

Daniel A.

Jenco Inc

Best Customer Service, best value & Ease of Use

Dan W.


Before that, we had 3 software: dokuwiki, shiftplanning and whatsapp. Now we only need connecteam. Great App, Great Support, Great Price

Tayfun B.


There are so many benefits, I feel I find a new one every week. Such a time saver, this is what I mean by double sided, the app that just keeps on giving. I absolutely love it all, and my staff love it too I feel it is double sided!

Sarah Y.

Managing director

So easy to use and the support and feedback are amazing. I had an idea in mind of how I wanted to communicate with my employees and when I found Connecteam it checked all of my boxes and exceeded my expectations for any software on the market.

Nicole S.


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