A User-Friendly Business Knowledge Hub

knowledge management app

Built to meet the field service workforce needs

  • Perfect for small businesses information sharing
  • Document are accessible from anywhere
  • Powerful management software with built-in templates
  • Easily set & control permissions to files
knowledge management app

Trusted By Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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A Single Resource Hub to Record & Share Business Documentation

Creating & Sharing Business Documents

Mobile Solution for Business Documents, Files & Information

Our customer use it for:

  • Staff policies & procedures manuals
  • Document management system
  • Employee handbook
  • Inventory tracking
  • Company wiki & business playbook
  • Digital work instructions
  • Business information
  • Online file sharing
Super Powerful Yet Simple And Easy To Use App

Powerful Features Designed Especially for Remote Teams

  • Fully customizable document creator
  • Useful elements can be added to each file
  • Available free templates included
  • Perfect for field businesses file sharing
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Empower Your Employees to Access Company’s Online Files Center

mobile learning system

Intuitive App, Even for Less Tech-Savvy Individuals

Our customer use it for:

  • Eliminate unnecessary physical meetings & paperwork
  • Engaging way to consume company's policies and culture
  • Friendly interface with multiple languages
  • Minimal effect on phone battery or data plan
Utilize our app with more features

Our App Is Packed With Additional Features.
For No Additional Cost!

  • Checklists & forms:
    Streamline & check employees knowledge with custom forms and staff manuals.
  • Communication:
    Reach every team member with employee directory, team wiki, and even knowledge quizzes
  • Scheduling:
    Simplify & automate staff scheduling from planning to distribution
  • Time Clock:
    Track employees work hours with a built-in time clock
connecteam employee app ratings

What Our Customers Say

The knowledge management app is incredibly intuitive and the ability to access all company policies on the go is such a timesaver!

Brittany B.

HR Lead

My favorite thing about this software and I am just now learning this is the ease of use and roll out and teaching other branches within the company how to use it.

Kathleen N.


Connecteam has helped our business out tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. No doubt it's the best employee management app, and the affordable price is a great bonus!

Marry K.

Staff Manager

I absolutely love it all, each feature is amazingly simple but very productive! My staff love it too I feel it is double sided!

Sarah Y.

Managing director

So easy to use and the support and feedback are amazing. I had an idea in mind of how I wanted to communicate with my employees and when I found Connecteam it checked all of my boxes and exceeded my expectations for any software on the market.

Nicole S.

Director of coaching and programming

Best Knowledge Center App for Document Management & File Sharing