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Connecteam's scheduling app

No matter the size of your business, this employee availability app is for you!

  • Create schedules in minutes
  • Avoid conflicts and unnecessary costs
  • Ditch the time availability sheets
  • Easily see everyones' work availability
Connecteam's scheduling app

Work Availability App Used by More Than 20,000 Businesses

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Drag and drop

Easy Scheduling from Planning to Distribution

Straightforward drag & drop employee availability calendar

  • Assign, duplicate, drag & drop, or set repeating shifts
  • Enable online shift swaps between your staff
  • Create open shifts and let your employees claim them
  • Work around vacation days, unavailabilities and overtime
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Templates and quick actions

Save Time by Scheduling with Pre-made Templates

Work with scheduling templates and reduce manual work

  • Use single shift templates, full week templates or repeating shifts
  • Save your schedules as templates for future use
  • Tailor the schedule planning process to your needs
  • Easily fill shift templates based on employee availability
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Provide Your Team All the Information They Need

Provide Your Team All the Information They Need

Improve operations and go beyond the basics of scheduling

  • Keep employees informed with shift information
  • Add shift instructions such as location, time, notes & attachments
  • Reduce unnecessary interaction and speed up processes
  • Mobile interface for employees and managers on the go
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Get Full Visibility with Real-Time Updates

Get Full Visibility with Real-Time Updates

Track progress and get notified upon execution

  • Control operations with color-coded status badges
  • See who acknowledges or rejects a shift
  • Send automated reminders to employees the day before their shift
  • Have peace of mind that your schedules are error-free
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Pricing plans

Affordable pricing plans, no credit card required

multiple languages

Available in 11 different languages

employees loves us

Over 92% adoption rate among employees!

It takes only 5 minutes to set up

What you see

See and manage all of your employees’ schedules in one place. Switch seamlessly between your phone and computer with this staff availability software.

What your employees see

Employees get instantly updated on new shifts, changes and any additional important information, all seen on this staff availability calendar


Watch the video below to see Connecteam availability schedule app in action!

employee scheduling app

My favorite thing about this software is the ease of use. It is officially our scheduling and time keeping software and we plan to integrate more and more features as we move forward.

Deana P

Hospitality Director



Feature Releases:

  • Multiple Selection for Shifts
  • Schedule Availability
  • Schedule Conflicts
  • New View Options

We know how important scheduling your team is and our mission is to bring you all the tools to make your life easier