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Ensure cleaners arrive on time.

  • View your staff’s arrival times and locations with GPS time tracking
  • Quickly spot no-shows and take immediate action
  • Automatically record work hours onto digital timesheets ready for payroll 
  • Know exactly how much time is spent on each client to simplify billing
This app takes the Jani-King
team and employee management
to a whole new level!

Scott Borland
Vice President of Corporate
Operations at Jani-King

Scott Borland
Vice President of Corporate
Operations at Jani-King

Guarantee top service for your clients.

  • Avoid Missed Clean complaints with digital forms and checklists
  • Have staff submit reports and images of their work for your review
  • Keep a record of everything you need to prove a job well done

Boost productivity and communication


Less time spent on scheduling


Fewer Missed Clean complaints


Increase in customer satisfaction

Easily solve all your scheduling challenges.

  • Create job schedules for your team to access right from the app
  • Add shift information, such as location or checklists, so everyone knows what to do
  • Easily manage absences, shift swaps, and last-minute changes
  • Quickly assign tasks and track progress in real-time

Train cleaners at any time for better performance.

  • Deliver digital training on the go without having to gather your employees
  • Align staff with new procedures and client requirements from anywhere
  • Put all information your team needs to perform well at their fingertips
  • View trainees' progress and performance in real-time

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