Quick and direct communication to reach every factory worker

Forget about bulletin boards, blast emails, and funneling down communication.

  • Streamline employee communication
  • Raise safety awareness & reduce incidents
  • Digitize paperwork & processes
  • Speed up onboarding and training

Keep your floor and shop employees up-to-date and engaged, and raise safety awareness with your own employee app.


Communicate directly with your frontline workforce

Keep your frontline team on the same page - even on the go

  • Instantly reach a selected audience or your entire workforce
  • Make critical information accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Set push notifications and reminders
  • Know who viewed your messages
Online checklists and real-time reports for your manufacturing business

Make safety a priority and reduce incidents

Raise safety awareness and nurture a productive safety culture

  • Instantly alert your team on incidents or in times of crisis
  • Make safety communication a habit & share the latest updates
  • Capture real-time hazard reports directly from the floor
  • Shorten incidents’ response time

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staff checklists app

Digitize paperwork and processes

Ditch pen and paper and reduce the hustle of phone calls and texting

Capture information from the frontline directly to the head office by digitizing forms, checklists and reports. Get real time notifications on submissions, without waiting for weeks for critical paperwork to arrive.

employee training app

Speed up onboarding and training

Introduce mobile-first training directly to the frontline

  • Launch a digital onboarding experience
  • Easily build interactive courses and quizzes
  • Share up-to-date protocols and SOPs
  • Get real-time visibility into progress and performance
  • Ensure compliance with read and sign forms
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Engage your employees and reduce turnover

Make your frontline team feel connected and committed

  • Communicate directly from senior leadership to the factory floor
  • Spark engagement using gifs, images and videos
  • Get feedback with live surveys and polls
  • Promote peer recognition and celebration
  • Measure engagement to optimize your activity

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The solution we needed! With a mobile workforce, we needed a system to reach everyone with ease. Connecteam delivered that and more

Daniel A.

Jenco Inc

Best Customer Service, best value & Ease of Use

Dan W.


My overall experience is great. Well worth the money! We don't have a central meeting location therefore I can't have one Time Clock for everyone to punch. This app works great and my team really seems to like it. It is very easy to install and user-friendly

Sara P.

Golden Rule Trucking, Inc

Frontline internal communication the way it should be

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