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Shift reports have made my job easier, improving the overall experience for players, coaches, parents, and my staff, setting them up for success each week.

Adrian Peña Program Director

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Deliver optimal, accessible schedules

  • Quickly create, manage, and share schedules based on your staff’s availability
  • Give your team mobile access to their latest schedules and shift information
  • Reduce hassle by letting staff claim open shifts, find replacements, and request time off
  • Get a clear calendar view of your schedules and when everyone’s working

Simplify employee time tracking

  • Have your team clock in and out of shifts right from their mobile phones
  • Ensure everyone’s on-site and on time by defining where staff can clock in
  • Automatically record work hours on timesheets ready for payroll processing

Improve workflows with digital forms and checklists

  • Create digital forms for staff to complete and submit straight from the field
  • Instantly receive and review submissions to ensure a job well done
  • Manage daily responsibilities with pre-event, end-of-shift, and equipment checklists
  • Customize forms for all your needs – from incident reports to employee referrals

Keep everyone connected and up-to-date

  • Ditch calls, texts, and emails and centralize communication in one platform
  • Instantly communicate and share updates via chat and your area feed
  • Ensure everyone sees your important update with read receipts
  • Make all relevant information accessible with a mobile knowledge base and directory

And the best part?

It’s entirely free for any Area Developer with up to 10 employees!