All-In-One Food & Beverage Management App

food & beverage app for checklists, time tracking, and more

The future of food & beverage management is at your fingertips!

  • Easy shift scheduling & dispatching
  • Custom checklists for recurring inspections
  • Multiple communication tools
  • Time tracking and attendance
food & beverage app for checklists, time tracking, and more

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Train new Restaurants staff members

Painlessly Onboard & Train New Staff Members

  • Create a digital onboarding hub for each department
  • Online storage for menus, allergens, protocols, and inspection preparation
  • Ensure quality with digital quizzes, and test your staff knowledge
  • Less tech-savvy employees can immediately start using
It only takes minutes to easily create employee schedules

Save Time & Headaches on Staff Scheduling

  • Work with weekly Scheduling templates and let your staff fill in the rest
  • Set repeating shifts for those who work on the same day each week
  • Use shortcuts to include forms within the shift to assure compliance
  • Provide instant absence requests and transparent unavailabilities
kiosk station employee app

Use One Secured Shared Device for Clocking In/Out

  • The kiosk app is a fixed tablet that functions as a central station in the workplace
  • Staff clock in and out using unique PIN Codes
  • Simple & secure solution for employees working in a central location
  • Eliminates buddy punching, time theft & timesheet errors

Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Employee Timesheets and Time Clock

Streamline Timesheets & Payrolls

  • Clocking in and out is done directly from the mobile app or at a shared workplace device
  • Receive real-time notification when employees clocks in
  • Easily track employee work hours in multiple locations at once
  • Ensure employees only clock in from the restaurant with geofencing
Food and beverage online checklists, reports and forms

Create & Customize Checklists for Any Use-Case

  • Daily opening and closing checklist
  • Supervisor daily report
  • Manager shift change form
  • Restaurant cleaning checklist
  • Kitchen equipment service report
  • Food storage checklist
Easily reach 100% of your business employees

Reach Everyone in a Touch of a Button

  • Instantly send everyone updates like menu changes or daily specials
  • Celebrate employees of the month and share birthday wishes
  • Use chat for private or team conversations
  • Create a custom staff directory, and much more!
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“SUPER easy to use. We use the scheduling aspect, lists, tasks, and updates. I like that Connecteam are able to support us as a small business, and not only for large businesses”.

Rina D.

“I have to say that Connecteam has helped me to keep my business operational with a limited staff. From workflows, scheduling, assets, updates, and chats, I have been able to keep my team on the same page within one app.”

Don C.

“Great App! I love how easy it is to make my staff’s weekly schedule on this app. My staff loves the clock in and out feature. It’s so easy and convenient to use”

Sharlene M.
Co- Owner

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