The Best All-In-One Tracking App for Field Service Employees

Field service employee dispatching app

Field service GPS time tracking made easy!

  • Field employees GPS time tracking
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Online checklists & forms
  • Various communication channels
Field service employee dispatching app

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A Single Software for Effortless Field Service Tracking Management

Field Employee Time Tracking with GPS

Track Employees and Self Contractors Work Hours with Ease

  • Send automated notifications to remind your field employees to clock-in and out
  • Track what your field service employees are working on, where, and when
  • Avoid employees clocking-in outside sites with GPS time tracking
  • All hours are automatically calculated and can be exported for payrolls
Live Employee Location Tracker App

Track Employees Shift Routes While on Jobs

  • Track if your employees are where they suppose to be
  • GPS location tracking is only enabled when users are on the clock
  • When clocked out, the employees’ location will not be tracked
  • Take accountability & compliance into your own hands
delivery scheduling

Schedule & Dispatch Your Field Employees Faster than Ever

  • Assign shifts in a click, duplicate, drag & drop, create recurring templates, or open shifts up for grabs
  • Dispatch each employee with all relevant information such as time, address, and special instructions
  • Get notified when employees acknowledge completes a job, check-in late and more

Scale Your Field Service Business Today!

Online checklists and forms for field employees

Track Execution With Mobile Checklists & Forms

Fully Customizable for any use case!

  • Safety checklist
  • Hazard report
  • Reimbursement form
  • Job ticket info forms
  • Equipment inspection checklist
  • Employee report of injury form
Communication app for field employees

Easily Reach 100% of Your Employees on the Field

  • Use a interactive news feed to send important updates
  • Set an directory for employees so they make a phone call with whoever
  • Preserve the separation between the private and work environment
  • Send announcements, newsletters, surveys, suggestion box, and live polls

Intuitive App, Even for Less Tech-Savvy Individuals

Over 92% adoption rate among employees

  • Minimal effect on their phone battery or data plan
  • Least tech-savvy employee can immediately start using
  • Multiple languages interface with the best customer support
  • Data about whereabouts will not be documented anywhere
connecteam employee app ratings

What Our Customers Say

This software is so user-friendly. It has saved us a TON of time with the time clock, chat, and workflow features. Their customer service is the most helpful from any company I have ever worked with

Wendy H.

Hall Turf

The Connecteam software is very easy to set up, roll out to users and maintain. It provided everything we needed and is very cost-effective

Fiona G. Turner

Access Ltd

It is easy to communicate and use! Everyone on the app loves it! Great Service! :)

Jennifer A.

CSI Powerline

There are so many benefits, I feel I find a new one every week, if I haven't assigned someone to a job and they need to go, they can still clock in at that job! Such a time saver, this is what I mean by double sided, the app that just keeps on giving.

Sarah Y.

Managing Director

Really like Connecteam. The platform is absolutely packed with features and you can get really granular with customization. It's kind of the Swiss Army knife of employee management platforms.

Austin H.

Security Manager

Bridge the Gap between Field Employees and the Office