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All-In-One Work Chat App, Built for Frontline Teams

Reach 100% of your workforce in a single click

Stress-free communication with every single employee

Intuitive, easy-to-use, and loved by employees. No training needed

Updates in real-time & always accessible, even while on the go

Data-driven communication and insights to act on

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Easily Communicate with Selected Employees or Your Entire Workforce

Forget about calls, bulletin boards, email blasts, and funneled down communication.

  • Instantly reach a selected audience or your entire workforce.
  • Make critical information accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Set push notifications and auto-reminders.
  • Know who has viewed your messages and who needs a reminder.
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Keep Employees Engaged and Connected

Finally, an app your team will use and love!

Connecteam makes it easy to distribute visually-pleasing, personalized, and engaging content to help you reflect your company culture, make your workforce feel appreciated, and nurture a sense of community and belonging.

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Capture Feedback Directly from the Field

Put your team front and center, and let every voice be heard

  • Make decisions based on organizational surveys and live polls.
  • Launch a digital suggestion box to capture your team’s feedback.
  • Introduce structured channels to approach HR and management.
  • Mobile-first experience to reach every employee.
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Measure the Impact of Your Efforts

Measure engagement rates and get real-time status updates and insights directly from the field.

Help your managers improve employee communication and oversight, to respond faster to issues.

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Watch the video below to learn more about Connecteam's communication app!

What Our Customers Say

Connecteam has never been more valuable to us in terms of team communication. In addition to using it for sharing important information, we also use it for daily checklists and inspections

Cora B.

Human Resources Advisor

Connecting and engaging our non desk employees has never been so seamless before

Nicolette D.

Marketing & Finance Specialist

Connecteam is by far the best communication software I have used for keeping the entire organization on the same page.

Rakesh D.

Chief Travel Geek @ TripDesign.Us

Easily reach and communicate with your entire workforce.
Try it yourself for free today!

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Over 92% adoption rate among employees!

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