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Security guards patrol tracking on a map

Ensure Your Security Guards Are on Duty. At the Right Place, at the Right Time.

  • Access complete route reports of real-time or past shifts
  • Get notifications with GPS location stamps every time a guard clocks in
  • Simply set up custom worksites by job, customer, or property
  • Avoid guards clocking-in outside the pre-designated site
security scheduling app

Easily Schedule Your Guards to Multiple Locations

  • Set recurring shifts, copy previous schedules or build custom templates
  • Easily create single, multiple, or team shifts, and allow employees to claim open spots
  • Avoid mistakes and overtime with visual conflicts system
  • Add shift notes, addresses, and media files attachments to leave no room for errors
Online Checklists & Forms for Security Teams

Automate Daily Procedures and Receive Live Updates from the Field in a Click

  • Equipment tracking form
  • Security guard duties checklist
  • Incident report form
  • End of shift report template
  • Uniform order form
  • Safety procedures checklist
Work Announcements, Chat, and Training App

Send Live Updates, Chat Messages, Train & Onboard New Guards — All In The Same App

  • Send important updates with push notifications to the whole team
  • Start individual or group chats with selected employees
  • Onboard new hires and create custom digital security guard trainings
  • Utilize fully-searchable directory to quickly reach any guard in any location
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See How Connecteam Changed The Way ESP Pros Run Their Security Business

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The ease of use and implementation of Connecteam is important. It reduces the time it takes to train and have to correct errors.


Hose A.
Owner, Security and Investigations

Connecteam is the best all in one program. It allows our security officers to use one app no matter what site they are working at.

Gerard S.
Director Of Operations

Fantastic product! The software is fully customizable, affordable and you can contact your employees without having to call every single individual.

Rufus P.
Manager, Security and Investigations

Connecteam is the best way to manage your security business staff from a single mobile app!

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