Great Team Management Starts
With Strong Foundations

Just like your construction projects, it all starts with strong foundations. With Connecteam, managing your field employees’ day-to-day becomes easy and efficient!

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Connecteam's all-in-one software for construction companies
Accurate Time Clock App with Geofencing Capabilities

Rest Assured Your Construction Staff Clocks In and Out of Jobs from The Workplace

  • Get notified when workers clock in and set instant reminders to do it
  • Simply set up custom geofenced worksites by job, customer, or property
  • Avoid employees clocking-in outside the pre-designated site
  • Clocking into shifts in one click = more time for actual work
  • Group workers by jobs, locations, or customers and schedule shifts in bulk
  • Set limitations to avoid unwanted overtime and have a clear availability oversight

Easily Track Use of Materials & Equipment With Shift Notes

  • Save time & leave no room for errors with detailed shift attachments: job location, manager notes, equipment list, job reports to fill in etc.
  • Customize attachments and workforce/equipment allocation for each job and set recurring jobs templates to keep track of your resources
  • Receive live notifications upon job completion with a GPS location stamp to always keep track of your team and vehicles allocation
  • Securely store or easily export and share shift notes and job reports for invoicing, inventory, and payroll needs
Online construction employee checklist & forms

Take Your Construction Safety & Compliance In Your Own Hands

  • Train & onboard new workers with digital safety & compliance documentation to read and sign
  • Create custom construction safety checklists and field report templates for the everyday onsite use
  • Create hazard, incident and accident report templates with preset recipients and let workers report in one click
  • Make your safety form and compliance document library easily accessible for any employee anywhere, anytime
Construction communication app

Live Updates, Chat Messages, Onboarding New Workers — All in The Same App

  • Send important company updates with push notifications to the whole team
  • Start individual or group chats with selected employees
  • Train & onboard new employees with custom digital courses
  • Utilize fully-searchable employee directory to quickly reach every worker in any location
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What Our Customers Say

Connecteam has never been more valuable to us. In addition to using it for sharing important information, we also use it for daily checklists and inspections

Cora B.

Human Resources Advisor

I REALLY like Connecteam. I had tried quite a few programs before settling on it and it is by far the best value option I've tried

Nikki F.

Business Manager, Construction

Connecteam is by far the best software I have used for keeping the entire organization on the same page.

Rakesh D.

Chief Travel Geek @ TripDesign.Us

Connecteam is the best way to manage your construction business staff from a single mobile app!

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