All-in-one communication app to reach every single employee.

Communicate Easily With Our Tools: Updates, Chat, Directory, Surveys, Events, Knowledge Base.

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Keep Employees Engaged and Connected

Finally, an app your team will use and love!

Connecteam makes it easy to distribute visually-pleasing, personalized, and engaging content to help you reflect your company culture, make your workforce feel appreciated, and nurture a sense of community and belonging.

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Capture Feedback Directly from the Field

Put your team front and center, and let every voice be heard

  • Make decisions based on organizational surveys and live polls.
  • Launch a digital suggestion box to capture your team’s feedback.
  • Introduce structured channels to approach HR and management.
  • Mobile-first experience to reach every employee.
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Measure the Impact of Your Efforts

Measure engagement rates and get real-time status updates and insights directly from the field.

Help your managers improve employee communication and oversight, to respond faster to issues.

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multiple languages

Available in 11 different languages

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Over 92% adoption rate among employees!

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Love them! Recommend them to all business owners I know. Has dramatically improved our team communication and productiveness.

Heather E.
Corporate IT Manager

Connecteam allows us to communicate much more efficiently than ever before and has really made the company feel more united.





Cora B.
Human Resources Advisor

Everything is great in Connecteam. It is literally an all-in-one software. It’s incredible what you can do all in one app!

Hofsep Y.
Regional Loss Prevention Manager

You wouldn't want to run your business without it

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