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time clock and scheduling app
  • Schedule & dispatch your courier delivery business
  • Driver’s will see schedules directly from their smartphone
  • See the number of deliveries you have for each day with a calendar view
  • Automatically reschedule uncompleted jobs to the next day for delivery
time clock and scheduling app

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Deliver More. Plan Less.

Drag and drop

Schedule Your Delivery Drivers Faster than Ever

  • Assign deliveries orders to drivers in a click or open deliveries up for grabs
  • Dispatch drivers with special instructions such as time, address and contact details
  • Set up hour tracking to manage legal driving hours within legal HOS limits
  • Easily respond to changes and re-schedule deliveries
Live Employee Location Tracker App

Track Your Deliveries and Reduce Customer Service Calls

  • Track your drivers speed, distance and location on a live map view
  • Securely share a restricted view of your fleet activities to third parties
  • Improve customer happiness and reduce calls by sharing deliveries information
  • Replay your drivers routes for specific dates with downloadable route logs

Take Your Delivery Business to the Next Level

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Delivery business

Be Instantly Notified When an Order Is Delivered

  • Manage digital documents through a mobile app for drivers out on the road
  • Capture signature and photo proof from within the app and submit real-time PODs
  • Simplify compliance with paperless DVIRs and custom reports
  • Provide your customers with a perfect last-mile delivery experience
Ease the Way You Communicate With Your Drivers

Ease the Way You Communicate With Your Drivers

  • Drivers can share with other drivers notes, parking pins for stops, and traffic alerts
  • Drastically reduce costs by eliminating barriers to communication
  • Add your regular customers as contacts and easily retrieve them when adding jobs
  • All communication channels between you and your staff are 100% secured
all in one company management app

Give Your Drivers the Tools They Need to Manage Their Delivery Day

  • Minimal effect on their phone battery or data plan
  • Intuitive mobile app, Even for your less tech-savvy employees
  • Multiple languages interface with superb customer support
  • Data about their whereabouts will not be documented anywhere
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connecteam employee app ratings

    " This tool does EVEYRTHING! I have been searching for so long for a tool just like this. It literally does everything - timeclock, communication, directory, analytics, task assignments, and scheduling. AND fits within my budget! "

    Deana P // Hospitality Director // 11-50 Employees

    " My favorite thing about this software is the ease of use. It is officially our scheduling and time keeping software and we plan to integrate more and more features as we move forward. The support team is OUTSTANDING! "

    Kathleen N // Executive Administrator // 51-200 Employees

    " The best thing about Connecteam is the extreme ease of use. My field agents with low-capacity devices no longer have an excuse for not filling out their timesheets and liaising their activities with me and other team leaders. "

    Alhassan A // Coordinator // 11-50 Employees

    " We really like Connecteam. The platform is absolutely packed with features and you can get really granular with customization. It's kind of the Swiss Army knife of employee management platforms. Customer support is great too. "

    Austin H // Manager // 11-50 Employees

    " I'm more than happy to submit a review for Connecteam! The Job Scheduling tool has saved our company time and money and greatly improved on our communication with field crews. Give this product a try - your employees with love it! "

    Kathy C // Construction Manager // 5-15 Employees

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