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Announcing the flavorful collaboration between Colorado restaurants
and Connecteam!

After helping thousands of restaurants cook up success, we’re hooking all Colorado Restaurant Association members up with an exclusive offer for the complete app to manage your team and business easily and efficiently.


Entirely free for business with up to 10 employees


20% discount for association members with exclusive
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24/7 support and a dedicated customer success manager with industry expertise



Meet Connecteam’s all-in-one employee management solution. 

We offer everything you need to manage your team in one easy-to-use app you can access from anywhere – whether it’s creating optimal work schedules, instantly communicating with your team, or training and onboarding employees.

Trusted by over 36,000 clients in the food and beverage industry and more, Connecteam is dedicated to simplifying your day-to-day operations so that you can focus on growing your business.

Connecteam is way more than a scheduling app, the amount of things I can do with this is insane

Faith Thomas
Owner and manager of Frozen Flamingo

Faith Thomas

Honestly, being more confident and knowing more about your job, reduces the turnover

Mandy Mann
Director of Operations, Biggby Coffee

Mandy Mann

Everyone sees the schedules, so I don’t need to ask my boss about shifts anymore, it’ll just show up!

Paige Moreau
Food Expert, Edible Arrangements

Paige Moreau

See how daily operations run smoother with Connecteam

Easily Train Staff to Deliver Top Service

Ensure everyone’s knowledge is up to par with mobile onboarding and training courses.

  • Easily create onboarding courses to get new staff members up and running quickly

  • Empower your team with centralized, accessible company knowledge - such as your employee handbook, guidelines, and recipes

  • Create and deliver customized training sessions and quizzes for your employees - wherever they are

  • Get a clear overview of your employees’ progress, performance, and course completion

Communication That Reaches Everyone

Keep everyone connected, informed, and engaged with an internal communication app.

  • Align your entire workforce - whether in one or multiple locations - with a mobile-first solution

  • Instantly message your staff in 1:1, group, or company-wide chats

  • Share company news and updates directly to your users’ mobile feed

  • Know exactly who received and read your important updates

Streamline Your Day-to-Day with Digital Tasks, Forms & Checklists

Arm employees with tools that make your business operations smooth as butter.

  • Create and customize forms and checklists for any task - from daily opening checklists to inventory and food safety forms

  • Get rid of messy paperwork and digitize task management

  • Stay on top of progress and task completion at all times

  • Instantly receive completed forms and checklists to one centralized place

Manage Your Business And Team With One Powerful App

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