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Get with the times and lead your community

With Connecteam, you get everything you need to better engage, communicate, and create the best experience for your community, all in one place

Get with the times and lead your community
features that suit your one-of-a-kind community

Serve Your Community Needs With a Fully Customizable Platform

Pick the style and features that suit your one-of-a-kind community best

  • Easily personalize the interface according to your brand.
  • Select & customize features from a suite of incredible tools.
  • Section community departments to your organizational style.
  • Make your community feel special with a branded mobile app.
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Gates to Connectivity

Open the Gates to Connectivity

Bring everyone to speed with team announcements or direct messaging

  • Instantaneously find contact information through an always up-to-date directory.
  • Use live-chat for real-time communication with individuals or groups.
  • Engage people with community-bonding activities through personalized feed.
  • Create gorgeous community events, know exactly who’s participating, and customize the registration process.
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Manage Each Group With a Different Set of Eyes

Manage Each Group With a Different Set of Eyes

Give your groups no more and no less than what they need

  • Set up unique user profiles with different access controls.
  • Lead groups from A-Z with designated information.
  • Assign relevant material to every group.
  • Use Connecteam’s unique Smart Groups to set your app’s management on auto-pilot.
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Make Data-driven Decisions

Promote a Culture of Feedback and Make Data-driven Decisions

Make members feel heard, engaged, and impactful

  • Create anonymous surveys for honest feedback.
  • Engage your members with live polls right on their feed.
  • See who has or has not submitted forms or even viewed them.
  • Automate reminders for those in need.
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the Power of Knowledge Sharing

Double Down on the Power of Knowledge Sharing

Store information where it’s always accessible and easy to find

  • Keep your team informed, with searchable libraries.
  • Add images, videos, PDFs, and files of any kind.
  • Provide direct links to web services & payment pages.
  • Update community learning through quizzes and courses.
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multiple languages

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