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Easily reach 100% of your business employees

The tool you need to manage internal communications at your business is at your fingertips

  • Ease communication between employees and managers
  • Communications and events specialist app
  • Most efficient communications management tool
  • Keep employees engaged and connected
Easily reach 100% of your business employees

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Best App for Internal Communications Specialists

Employee engagement app

Instantly Communicate With Every Employee

  • Measure engagement rates and get real-time status updates and insights
  • Create structured, secure communication channels for every need
  • Launch dedicated team chats to boost effective work-related communication
  • Make sure everyone is informed and has seen the latest updates
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employee communication app chat

Be the Best Field Communications Specialist

Connecteam’s mobile-first experience is designed specifically for frontline teams. Specialists can finally reach employees wherever they are.

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Improve Communication Among Employees

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Keep Employees Engaged and Connected

Finally, an App Your Team Will Use and Love!

  • Distribute visually-appealing and engaging content
  • Reflect your company culture and brand,
  • Make your workforce feel appreciated
  • Nurture a sense of community and belonging
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Easy to use communication app

Intuitive and Easy-To-Use

Connecteam’s simple and familiar interface makes daily communication effortless for both managers and employees – saving them valuable time.

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What Our Customers Say

So easy to use and the support and feedback are amazing. I had an idea in mind of how I wanted to communicate with my employees and when I found Connecteam it checked all of my boxes and exceeded my expectations for any software on the market.

James W.

Communication Specialist

We had a Spanish speaking woman who we had great difficulty communicating with and she was immediately able to use the Mobile App with no problems. It made a huge difference in how we interacted. Also happy that our Spanish speaking crews can now see their tasks in something other than English.

Erens N.

Staff Specialist

The customization of almost everything made it user-friendly for our team. Also, the communication tools make it a great experience for the team.

Gerard K.

Assistant Manager

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