Grow your cleaning business
with an end-to-end
mobile solution

Everything you need to win more business, save costs, and ensure your team delivers top service in one place.

  • Provide the highest level of execution to your customers
  • Set tailored standard operating procedures and digital checklists to ensure quality service
  • Win more requests for proposals by meeting digital platform requirements


How it works

MyMobileZA and Connecteam have partnered to offer an all-inclusive staff management solution designed for cleaning businesses like yours!

Smartphone devices

SIM and airtime packages

Connecteam employee management app

We help the best cleaning businesses guarantee top service and smooth operations

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Live insights & task management

Prevent ‘missed clean’ complaints by guaranteeing top service

  • Create client-specific checklists for your team to complete on the job
  • Receive proof of quality work right from your employees in the field
  • Generate and share detailed reports with your customers
  • Automate the flow of information and improve response times

Streamlined rostering, time tracking, and payroll

Track time accurately to avoid overpayment

  • Build clear schedules aligned with client needs to reduce unplanned overtime
  • Avoid costly mistakes by recording precise work hours on digital timesheets
  • Gain a clear overview of the time spent on each client

Full customizability & scalability

Stay ahead of competition

  • Digitally manage all daily operations under one roof – from scheduling to billing
  • Win repeated business by minimizing errors and improving reliability
  • Share feedback with staff to continuously improve services and customer satisfaction
  • Have the flexibility to tailor your services to each client’s requirements

MyMobileZA MMS

A full range of Mobile
Managed Services

  • Distribution and supply of smartphones and tablets
  • Mobile device management
  • Android zero-touch partner
  • Repurposing/refurbishment of devices
  • SIM management and data & airtime packages
  • Finance and rental options on hardware