Breadcrumbs: Track your employees on the go


Connecteam’s Breadcrumbs feature is finally here! Track your employees’ locations while they’re on the move and know where they are at all times (while clocked in)!


What are the main benefits?

  • Know where your employees are at all times
  • Better prediction of employee arrival times
  • Daily route maps for all of your employees
  • Battery efficient, ensuring that employees remain online

How does it work?

Breadcrumbs collect location points based on a user’s movement, speed, and distance in order to create a trail that starts when the user clocks in and ends when the user clocks out. While this is seamless to the end-user, admins can see those trails on a map to better understand where users are, while clocked into a job.


Energy efficiency at its core

Our technology has been developed keeping energy efficiency in mind and tests have shown that our Breadcrumbs Geo Tracking saves more than 85% battery compared to other live tracking technologies out there, ensuring that your employees are always online and readily available.

*In order to use Breadcrumbs please have your team update their app versions.