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Keep staff engaged, connected, and aligned

Connecteam’s all-in-one app lets you quickly communicate with your care workers, simplify daily operations, and create mobile-first training to keep your care team fully and happily engaged.

  • GDPR Aligned
  • ISO 27001
Keep staff engaged, connected, and aligned

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Let new hires onboard on their own

Quickly Onboard New Care Givers Hires

Guide your employees step-by-step through an intuitive, user-friendly digital workflow they can complete independently on their mobile devices – from administrative tasks to professional training.

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Connect new employees instantly

Make New Hires Feel a Part of the Team Instantly

Automate the process of adding new hires to the relevant chat groups and providing them with business contacts so they can start communicating right away.

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Our Care Assistants are the lifeblood of our business and I wanted to ensure they receive the exact support they need

David Glover - Caremark CEO
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Easily Get Your Messages Out to Carers

“We used to spend so much time chasing people” – Caremark review

  • Move team chats to one mobile-first platform
  • Make critical information accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Set push notifications and auto-reminders
  • Know who has viewed your messages and who needs a reminder
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Set New Standards for Employee Training

“They are ready to become Care Assistance sooner” – Caremark review

  • Automate onboarding with intuitive training modules
  • Get actionable insight into employee progress
  • Increase job satisfaction with better-trained team members
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Make Staff Feel Appreciated and Connected

“Though its an isolated job, with this app they feel a part of the team” – Caremark review

  • Motivate staff and incentivize hard work
  • Highlight and showcase achievements of exceptional caregivers
  • Celebrate special moments and give shout-outs for staff milestones
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UK Home Care Provider Caremark Utilizes Connecteam to Unify Caregiver Workforce

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