Knowledge & File Sharing is Easier Than Ever Before

knowledge management app

Ensure Employee Alignment with the Best Business Solution for Online File Sharing

  • Store all company information in one place.
  • Access anytime, anywhere.
  • Get insights on usage.
  • Distribute content with one-click.
  • Keep everything up to date.
  • End-to-end data encryption.
knowledge management app

Trusted By Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Knowledge Is Power!
Give Your Team Easy Access - Wherever & Whenever They Need It!

Intuitive App, Even for Less Tech-Savvy Individuals

Create, Organize and Share Your Business' Files in a Breeze!

  • Eliminate unnecessary physical meetings & paperwork
  • Engaging way to consume company's policies and culture
  • Mobile app that supports multiple languages
  • Intuitive drag & drop files oragnization and creation editor
Control Access to Every Folder With Granular User Permissions

Control Permissions to Folders with Granular User Settings

  • Oversee your company file activities and user permissions
  • Secure your work with encrypted storage and backup
  • Automatically sync files, so your team is always working on the latest version
  • Your information is safe, even when files are sent or downloaded on the go
Knowledge base updates

Grant Your Team Easy Access to Everything from Everywhere

  • The app was built from the ground up for mobile usage
  • Stay in control of your data with peace of mind internally and externally
  • Empower your teams to stay up to date and productive in the work-from-anywhere world
  • Send documents, collect files, share and revoke access easily

Streamline the Way You Share Files with Your Employees

Our Customers Easily Create the Following Resources

Our Customers Easily Create the Following Resources

  • Staff policies & procedures manuals
  • Documents management system for specific workflows
  • Updated employee handbook
  • Spreadsheets for Inventory tracking
  • Accessible company wiki
  • Branded business playbook
Leverage More Features for No Cost

Leverage More Features for No Cost

  • Tasks:
    Streamline & check employees knowledge with custom task sand knowledge quizzes.
  • Directory:
    Reach every team member with employee directory, team wiki, and more
  • Scheduling:
    Simplify & automate staff scheduling from planning to distribution
  • Time Clock:
    Track employees work hours with a built-in time clock
Pricing plans

Affordable pricing plans, no credit card required

multiple languages

Available in 11 different languages

employees loves us

Over 92% adoption rate among employees!

It takes only 5 minutes to set up

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What Our Customers Say

The knowledge management app is incredibly intuitive and the ability to access all company policies on the go is such a timesaver!

Brittany B.

HR Lead

My favorite thing about this software and I am just now learning this is the ease of use and roll out and teaching other branches within the company how to use it.

Kathleen N.


Connecteam has helped our business out tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. No doubt it's the best employee management app, and the affordable price is a great bonus!

Marry K.

Staff Manager

I absolutely love it all, each feature is amazingly simple but very productive! My staff love it too I feel it is double sided!

Sarah Y.

Managing director

So easy to use and the support and feedback are amazing. I had an idea in mind of how I wanted to communicate with my employees and when I found Connecteam it checked all of my boxes and exceeded my expectations for any software on the market.

Nicole S.

Director of coaching and programming

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